Distant EP

by Ever Aura

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The debut EP from solo progressive metalcore project Ever Aura.
All tracks written and performed by Chris Leonard.
All recording and audio engineering by Eric DiCarlo.
Logo, album art, and all related graphic work by Paul Kalafatis.


released June 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Ever Aura New Rochelle, New York

Solo progressive metalcore project by Chris Leonard based in New York, USA.

Distant EP available now.

Keep up with me at www.facebook.com/everaura

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Track Name: Upon Us
I stood at the edge of the only existence I've ever known
As I overlooked the event horizon
As it enveloped all that is, was, and ever will be
My last glance of a world untouched by fate

The skies filled with ultraviolet and unreal blues
Painted by the brush that so swiftly swept
Across our live, that thus far we've understood
Never to be looked back on again

My sentience, the collective conscious of our kind, cannot reflect on that which we cannot perceive by the means biologically bestowed upon us

What is a god, if not that which controls?
What is a god but that which irrevocably, and with complete intent, controls?

What is a god but that which, without reservation...
What is a god but that which controls?

As I overlooked the event horizon
I felt all that was drain into unfathomable depths of infinite
Track Name: Shroud
The skies lit with undoing wrath
Shroud, of endless, of absolute
Ashes, to dust, to the stars reign above
Imminent twilight descend upon us

In our non-understanding
We burn alive, we immolate
We ascend to formless unbound

We ascend, we accept
We await a life aphotic
Obscure, opaque
Eternal around us, unknown unleashed
Dismembered thought form, entrance
Grasp our foundation, wring dry our hope

Shattered presence of a fabled savior
Ever present, never felt
Track Name: Denounce
I await a fate which I cannot perceive, nor ever foresee
The sky collapses down, encompassing the earth it once nurtured
Crippling itself
Self annihilating winds

A disintegration of the shell we once called our home
That which was once so rich with life
Withers, fails itself one last time

End upon me, encase me with your essence
Cause us not a prolonged final breath
Nor suffering, as our timeline draws short
I denounce this

I denounce a burden no less than death
Across the horizon where our fate lays in rest
Waiting, taunting, realizing (now realized)
An end unnatural

I run towards the sea
My people die behind me
Seas have parted, gravity fails
A reversal of natural laws

I feel it within me
My being slowly tears apart
Track Name: Continuum
I succumb to the force that consumes me
Surrounded by untold power of above
Everything around me dissipating
Collapse of the laws of nature

My body absorbs limitless waves of energy
Resounding, immeasurable
I soar through a void of space and time
Past, future, and present

Relativity collapses in a dimensionless vortex
I am torn apart on a subatomic level
Separated by a massless presence
Rearranged, vitalized, relentless nonbeing
Alpha, Omega, singular

I am woven into the essence of existence
I am one
I am one with the fabric of spacetime
Track Name: Presence (feat. Jay Lopez of Telos)
I am now intertwined with intergalactic construct
I am now intertwined

I ascend through the structures of all that has been
I reach the deepest depths of existence
I peak the valleys of all infinite creation
A map, a timeline, of consciousness

I am of the blizzard of stars which erupts before you
And that which it illuminates
An eternal landscape of what was and what will be
Within my grasp, within my manipulation

An all present being
An existence panoptic
My ascension transcends all understood reality
A boundless plane built by the hands of perpetual designers
Emerging through the facade of time

I am arisen
I am the constant, the origin of time
Dissemblance of finality

I am ascended
Relentlessly broken barriers of life
A rebirth unto myself

I am awoken
I am arisen
I am awoken
Track Name: Supernal
Decipher dimensions of time
Consume, restore, and transcend
Decipher dimensions of time
Consume, restore and transcend

Astral plane of infinite reach
Overseeing all below me
Surrounding and within me
A dimensional paradox

I distort and I rearrange life in all its complexity
I am a god and I am that which controls

Undermine the laws of all galaxies
And create, impose my own will

Impose my own will on the essence of time
Consume and transform all worthy life
Ascend them to the plane of power divine
Supersede concepts of reality

Before my eyes lay echoes awakened
And the shapes of their source silhouette against the canvas of being
The sounds reverberate

Rescind, rescind the power they once knew
And bestow them the celestial empire
Entrust them with reign in the heavens
And bestow them

All life, ascend unto me
All life, ascend unto me
All life